You Don’t Need One More Thing

Western’s, meaning those in the western hemisphere are a strange breed.   We horde all sorts of material items thinking it gives us a better life.   When we all know, you can’t take any of it with you.   Look at things a bit differently, and rather than buy one more plastic item from China…  Go to China!

My parents have to adult children, but they still get us gifts for the holidays.   Every other year, my family gives the gift of travel.   Cindy and Sam (my p’s) give us clues wrapped up as Christmas presents (my brother and I are forced to open together) and then take an educated guess on where we will be going.   We get to ask them one question after each gift to make our guess.

The first year my husband spent Christmas with my family was a travel year.   He did not know what he was about to be subjected.   The first gift the three of us opened were 3 sets of gaiters, i.e. boot covers.   Thoughts: OK.   This could be anywhere.   We asked if we were going somewhere that was known for its mountains.   The answer was no.

We moved on to the next gift, deet.   We knew we were going to the jungle.   Nowhere else would you need something so strong and sick!   My brother and I looked at each other and told them we were ready to guess.   It had to be the Amazon.   It wasn’t Peru due to the mountain comment on the previous gift.   So we guessed Brazil.   No, again. But, we told were on the right track.

Coffee was the next gift.   We guessed Kenya.   No, again.   The outlook was bleak.   Where else would you need gaiters and deet, and it known for its coffee?

Gift 4 was opened, it was a bottle of Sake. Immediately, we said Japan and asked how the other clues have anything to do with Japan?!?! My dad started laughing and said the 3rd gift was just to throw us off. Japan was not the right answer. He’s a Scottish eejit.

We were down to the final and last clue.   It was a photo of a Scarlett Macaw.   Well, that narrowed it down to Central and South America.   They asked if we knew.  Nope.   Then they said, how does Costa Rica sound?

My bro and I smiled.   Pretty wicked.   My Christmas date (now husband) said, did your parent’s really buy me a trip to Costa Rica?   I responded, they sure did, and it’s way better than a sweater.

You don’t need one more thing.   Go make some memories instead.