Packing a 2-Week Carry On: A How To Guide

The most annoying thing about traveling is lugging around a bulky suitcase. Not only is it insanely awkward to have to drag it down the street (especially if you’re in Europe where most sidewalks are cobblestone and quite small), but if you pack too much, chances are you won’t ever wear it. Most airlines will tack on a baggage fee if it weighs over a certain amount. No one wants to be the person at the ticket counter trying to fit everything into another bag so you don’t have to pay that fee. My solution? Fit it all into one carry on.

It’s not hard; you just have to be practical about it all. Here is a sample packing list, along with some of my favorite travel staples. All of this can easily fit into a carry on size suitcase, plus a backpack or handbag.


LUSH Toothpaste Tabs

LUSH Solid Shampoo Bar

Solid Soap



Make up, etc.

Make up remover wipes

Lotion or solid lotion bar



3 Shirts (Preferably something that is neutral like black, white, or grey. Color is fine, but just be sure that it will go with everything else that you’ve packed)

2 Pairs of Jeans or pants; one colored, one denim

2 Skirts; one color, one black.

2 Dresses

3 Sweaters – Black, grey, and a color

2 Shoes

1 Pair of tights

Plenty of underwear



Passport (if leaving the country)

Empty reusable water bottle

Book or magazine



Remember, you can always find a Laundromat or wash your clothes in the sink if you feel like you need something clean. But wearing things more than once is totally ok. Plus, with these 12 clothing items, you can easily make 14 outfits.

Happy travels!

Today’s blog post comes from our International Travel Coordinator, Bailey Wallace.