Paris (Fashion Week) is always a good idea!

by Felicia Ruiz- LP Travel Curator

Champagne, Celebs & Shopping! Three words that highlight my 1st trip to Paris for Fashion Week in 2016. One of the most important weeks of the year, Paris Fashion Week draws the who’s who of the industry from editors and models to designers, photographers and socialites. Throughout the duration of our trip, a plethora of fashion addicts can be seen dressed to the nines strolling the streets. Whether attending shows, shopping the newest collections or just trying to get snapped by photographers, there is no shortage of sites to see right on the street.

Thanks to Social Media, being shot by a photographer during Fashion Week is one of the highest honors during Fashion Weeks throughout the world. I was fortunate enough to have this honor while star gazing right outside the Christian Dior show. Standing at the corner café, while dressed in a vintage red dress, I heard a photographer yell out “RED! We want the RED!” It took me a moment to realize they were in fact yelling for me to look their way so that they could snap my photo. I turned around to face a montage of photographers and in my glory moment, I had my very own paparazzi experience! Right there in the middle of the streets of Paris, I stood frozen as several flashes went off. In just a few seconds, my entire trip was complete! I had officially had the Street Style experience that fashion lover’s dream of!


Besides the amazing free fashion shows you see sitting at a café while sipping champagne, we had several first hand experiences during our trip. Along with the street style sightings, my other favorite experience was the designer studio visits. Our group was able to have a private meet and greets with two Parisian designers and shop their collections. I am an avid lover of emerging designers and it was really great to meet designers in Paris that weren’t on full display during Fashion Week. Even though these designers are not the top names in the industry they still have amazing work that deserves the same attention. It was an honor to speak with them and get a better understanding of their processes and the inspiration behind their brand. I absolutely love seeing behind the scenes and I am so happy I got that chance in the fashion capital of the world! I am so excited to return to Paris this fall with Limitless Planet and I look forward to going in the years to come!

Wanna join us in 2017 for Paris Fashion Week 2017?