A Day Trip to Córdoba

“Traveling for these people isn’t accomplishing a goal or sticking to a schedule; it’s about taking your time, relaxing together, embracing adaptability, and discovering whatever you stumble upon”.

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Top 10 Safari Lodges in South Africa

1.  Singita Sweni Lodge- Kruger National Park

With several lodges to choose from, this tranquil lodge located on edge of the Sweni River is sure to please.


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7 Trips of a Lifetime

We plan a lot of bucket list trips at Limitless Planet.  Here are 7 trips that should be on your list:

1.  The Great Wall of China

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Best Islands for a Winter Escape

Baby, it’s cold outside!  

Go soak in the sun on some of the best islands on earth!

Zanzibar, Tanzania

A strange mix of Indian, Arabic and African culture- Stone Town is a 184 year old city that blends these cultures perfectly.



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Keeping Up with the Parisian Café

In Paris, the café is sacred ground. This is where you go to get your espresso before work, or sit for hours in the late afternoon at a street side table. This is what Hemingway and the rest of the Lost Generation did, as well as many more after them. It’s peaceful for people watching or catching up with friends.

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“My Roots, My Future”

Thanksgiving is an American holiday that is about celebrating about family and being thankful.  As we all know, American families are quite diverse and very different from each other.  Here is one American family story.

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The Best Islands on the Planet for a Winter Escape



Zanzibar, Tanzania

A strange mix of Indian, Arabic and African culture- Stone Town blends these cultures perfectly.  It was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. The town is walk-able and safe.  The beaches are beautiful, the hotels are first class, and the food is spicy!  Zanzibar is February is calling your name.

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Packing a 2-Week Carry On: A How To Guide

The most annoying thing about traveling is lugging around a bulky suitcase. Not only is it insanely awkward to have to drag it down the street (especially if you’re in Europe where most sidewalks are cobblestone and quite small), but if you pack too much, chances are you won’t ever wear it. Most airlines will tack on a baggage fee if it weighs over a certain amount. No one wants to be the person at the ticket counter trying to fit everything into another bag so you don’t have to pay that fee. My solution? Fit it all into one carry on.

It’s not hard; you just have to be practical about it all. Here is a sample packing list, along with some of my favorite travel staples. All of this can easily fit into a carry on size suitcase, plus a backpack or handbag.

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Ireland for 96 hours- “The Pursuit of Hoppiness”…

A requirement to work at Limitless Planet is to have extreme wonderlust! This week, we asked our intern, Audrey Mardoian, to tell us about one of her experiences abroad. Here is one her stories:

“The Pursuit of Hoppiness”…

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Europe on a Budget

Recently, Limitless Planet sent four 20-Something’s on a budget trip through Germany, Austria and Holland.

Here is what they said:

“It was absolutely wonderful and we had an amazing time. I just wanted to send some of our recommendations from the trip. In Munich we stayed in the Smart Stay Hotel Station in a 6 bed room with the 4 of us and 2 others. It was nothing special, but if you are trying to adhere to a budget it was sufficient with a good location. The bathrooms were shared with the entire floor and the showers on every other were not wonderful, but like I said it was sufficient. As for activities in Munich our favorites were the Deutches Museum (the best science and industry museum I have ever seen!), visiting Dachau was very moving and eerie experience, we loved visiting the English garden and having an afternoon beer in the biergarten, plus the surfers!, and finally our favorite adventure was taking the Third Reich Tour through the city about the rise of Nazism and Munich (probably one of the most interesting portions of our trip and it gave us a lot of insight into all of the buildings we had walked by unknowingly! We had wanted to see the BMW factory tour, but were unable to get tickets, they recommended purchasing 6 weeks in advance. For food we really enjoyed the Hofbrauhaus and a restaurant called Hans im Gluck (it had amazing burgers and a really cool atmosphere)!

We absolutely loved visiting Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein and would highly recommend it. Definitely get your tickets in advance, plan time for a meal and if you are on a budget pack a meal if possible.  Be sure to save time to enjoy the beautiful lake and the views (there are some easy places to hike as well)!

In Salzburg we loved our hotel! We stayed at the Meininger Hotel at Salzburg City Center. While the location wasn’t great the hotel itself was wonderful, great service, the room was lovely and clean, free wifi, and there was a great community area downstairs. For activities we really enjoyed the Salzburg Fortress it cost 8 euro to enter and there was a free audio tour, the only hard part is actually making it into the fortress. Probably our favorite activity of the entire trip was heading a little ways outside the city to the Untersberg Cable car. It took us up into the mountains for some of the most spectacular views I have ever seen. It was 20 euros but it was well worth the price, it was certainly an unforgettable experience. For food there we really enjoyed the Augustiner Brewery, it was like a cafeteria with many small eateries, but the main attraction was definitely the beer straight from the barrel. And many of the people around us were locals, definitely a neat experience.

Our hostel (Cityhostel Berlin) in Berlin was again sufficient and very good for a budget, but not much beyond that they had free wifi and showers in the bedrooms, but the room was quite small and dingy. For activities we loved visiting the Reichstag, it was awesome.  We also loved the Brandenburg Tor, the Berlin Wall Memorial, taking a Graffiti tour, and the Jewish Museum. We enjoyed the Check Point Charlie Museum, but it was insanely crowded so maybe going at a different time in the day would be better.  Two of our travelers went to the Museum fur Fotografie but they were between exhibits so there was not much to see. For food we absolutely loved going to the Burgermeister.

Finally Amsterdam! I absolutely loved everything about Amsterdam. Our hotel room at the Hotel Plantage was nice enough and was very big, I would recommend to anyone hoping to stay in a quieter part of town. We loved visiting the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, and there was a large park but I can’t remember the name. We really just enjoyed the atmosphere in the city. We walked through the red light district which was quite the experience. We also rented bikes for a day which I would highly recommend. One evening we rented a paddle boat and paddled through the canals, it was so much fun! Amsterdam was definitely unlike anywhere I had ever been. One afternoon we took the train to a town called Zaanse Schans which had many windmills and gave us a feel for the Dutch countryside. I would highly recommend it to anyone as a morning side trip (I think in total our train ride plus visit there was maybe 3 hours). There were many little shops there as well including a little clog workshop. It was definitely a bit touristy but still very enjoyable! For food in Amsterdam we loved Moeders and would highly recommend!

Thanks so much for all of your help with planning. It truly was an amazing trip and I wouldn’t change anything about it! I hope our experiences are helpful with future travelers!”

Today’s blog post was generously written by LP Traveler- Jess Ahlemeyer