Benton Park

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Voted “Best Place to Take a Stroll” by the Riverfront Times

Benton Park is a relatively undiscovered gem located close to the more popular Soulard neighborhood. Featuring beautiful homes from various architectural styles from across the Nineteenth Century, the neighborhood is a well preserved example of what much of St. Louis looked like over a hundred years ago. It also features many interesting landmarks such as the famous Lemp Mansion, the nearby Lemp Brewery as well as the Falstaff Brewery. The tour will also go by Benton Park itself, a wonderful example of one of the first parks in the city. The park is lush and hilly, with a man made lake and surrounded by gorgeous homes. Along the way, the tour will introduce the various residents and their stories who have lived in Benton Park over the centuries.

 Tour Length:   2 hrs. Miles: 1.5  Difficulty: Low