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Best Time to Travel

Autumn is the best time to travel to China. Relatively mild temperatures allow for comfortable traveling throughout the whole country. Plan for a trip in September or October.

Spring is also quite lovely in China, making late April and May ideal.

June through August is monsoon season, so if you’re traveling then, be prepared for rain.



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What’s Included

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Suggested Itineraries

China is massive, but don’t let that deter you from the experience of this beautiful country. Domestic airlines can get you around the country in a snap.

Beijing, where a tour of the Forbidden City is a must. Over a million works of art reside in the Palace Museum there after centuries of emperors collecting them, including bronze works, jade, and artifacts of the imperial court. Just outside of Beijing is the Great Wall of China. At nearly 13,000 miles, this ancient structure has stood the test of time. Take some time and explore the classical gardens, and the Imperial Tombs of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The Temple of Heaven is also a must see for it’s architecture and intricate interior. First opened to the public in 1918, this beautiful park is perfect for a break of the hustle and bustle of Beijing.

Guilin, a town known for its caves and breathtaking scenery. This quaint northern town is teaming with beautiful gardens. Guilin is famous for it’s chili sauce, and it’s considered to be one of the city’s treasures.

Xi’an, smack in the middle of China, is also quite a site to see. Many temples are located here, as well as the Terracotta Army. A visit to the Huaqing Hot Springs is perfect in mild weather. For those seeking adventure, a hike up Mount Taibai is just the thing, with stunning views from the top to boot.

Spend a few days in Chengdu, and visit the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. All the pandas in the world are owned by China, so a trip to the base is a must for any animal lover. Get up close and personal with these gentle creatures and learn about conservation efforts to keep these guys in tip top shape. Chengdu is also full of authentic teahouses, a thriving theatre scene and dozens of Buddhist monasteries. Festivals happen year round, as well, which are a delight!

Shanghai, and experience this thriving city. The Shanghai museum has one of the most extensive Chinese art collections in the world and is defiantly a must for any art enthusiast. Shopping and dining are a must in this city. From First Class to street stalls, anything can be found here. Same goes for food; all budgets are welcome in Shanghai. Also, try the soup dumpling, xiaolong bao; dumpling skin wraps around juicy pork and a smidge of broth. It’s a local favorite and to die for.

Optional Extensions
Need a little more urban grit? Hong Kong is the place for you! With a stunning nightlife, and fabulous cuisine, Hong Kong is the spot to be in. Try authentic dim sum and hot pot, local favorites that can’t compete anywhere else. Even though Hong Kong is owned by China, it feels like a whole new country.

Want to take a break from the city life? Head with us to the Gobi Desert. Explore the nomadic existence and small cities along the Silk Road. Want a real treat? In the middle of the desert you’ll find the Ordos Art and City Museum, which is home to thousands of artifacts, including a preserved wholly mammoth.