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Best Time to Travel

Depending on your interests, France is wonderful anytime of year with the exception of the month of August when many places are closed for a month long holiday.



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What’s Included

It’s your vacation and your choice what’s included.

Suggested Itineraries

You’ll want to pack both your most comfortable pair of shoes and the chicest pair you own. When visiting France there is so much to see, but you also must take time to enjoy the gastronomy offered with a few fine-dining experiences.

Spending a few days in Paris is always a must and everyone’s time in the City of Light will be unique. First timers enjoy strolling the Champs Elyse, a day at the Lourve, seeing Notre Dame, and spending an afternoon on the hill of Montmartre (staying for sunset to capture views of the Eifel Tower twinkling in the background).

After a few busy days in Paris water lovers have three wonderful options for relaxing via the Bay of Biscayne, English Channel, and our favorite, the Mediterranean Sea. We always make time for the French Riviera home to the writers of the 20th century and the gamblers and high society in the 1920’s. From St. Tropez to Cap Martin, every town is prettier than the last and the drive is just as picture perfect. Each stop along the Cote d’ Azur will offer cobblestone streets and winding alleys. You may also easily find yourself gambling at the world famous Casino at Monte-Carlo as Monaco is right on the coast.

The Tour de France is challenging for a reason. France offers seven mountain ranges and we know them all. Let us know if you want more outdoor adventure!

Aviation lovers will enjoy Toulouse, home to the first flight of the Concorde in 1979. The city has enjoyed mass development ever since. Other great side trips include: Normandy – forever linked to D-day and a popular weekend spot for locals. Champagne – if you love the bubbly as much as we do, paying homage to the region that produces 80% of the worlds supply will be a treat.
Burgundy – an area all about leisure. And eating! Enjoy Boeuf and escargot paired with great wine after spending the day exploring the old city.

In France, you will find it more rewarding to concentrate a trip in just a few locations rather than rushing to a new city each day. Slow down and get to know some of our favorite spots!