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Holland is perfect to explore year round. For a limited time during Spring, you have the opportunity to visit one of the world’s largest gardens (Keukenhof Gardens). If this is a ‘bucket list’ item for you, let Limitless Planet make your arrangements as it must be timed perfectly.



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Suggested Itineraries

When people think of Holland, they often feel they fit into one of two tourist categories. The red light district/coffee shop type or the tulips and art museum addict. But this county of 16 million people is so much more than those things. And we have multiple reasons to explore beyond the country’s capital of Amsterdam!

You can get just about anywhere in the country in under five hours, but many cities are only an hour’s train ride from each other. Seeing the countryside, taking a few day trips and spending time in cities that aren’t on everyone’s radar is a must in Holland.

Do you love the famed Delft Blue pottery? Why not spend some time in Delft perusing the last remaining manufacturer of this classic blue and white pottery? This medieval city will also satisfy your penchant for history. Speaking of history, the town of Leiden is where the pilgrims found refuge before departing for the New World. This college town (and birthplace of Rembrandt) is rich in history and you’ll enjoy walking the same quaint alleyways as our Founding Fathers.

Architects and Engineer fanatics alike will be awe-struck at the Delta Works (named one of the seven wonders of the modern world) or the Oosterscheldekering, two of the storm surge barriers. If not everyone in your travel group is interested in such modern technology, they can stay fulfilled via culture or shopping in nearby locations!

Our clients visiting Holland in the Spring must spend some time at the Keukenhof Gardens, easily the best garden in the world. A visit to the gardens during the limited time frame will absolutely leave a lasting impression of beauty to last you a lifetime. One of the world’s largest gardens, there is a lot to do and see so let us plan this special visit for you.

Those interested in a unique visit will enjoy spending some time on The West Frisian Islands. This very distinctive stop includes beaches, culture and opportunities for active recreation. Only reachable by ferry, this is a very popular getaway for locals.

Finally, your visit to Holland must always include a few days in Amsterdam, a mix of history and modernism all within the confines of a quaint city. Much like the other towns we have mentioned, you’ll enjoy the canals and waterways, the wooden shoes and sightseeing, and the cathedrals and museums (our favorites include Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank and the Heineken Factory).