Lafayette Square


After the Civil War, the Lafayette Square neighborhood became the home of some of St. Louis’s most important and influential community leaders. Building their grand Second Empire mansions around the park that gives its name to the neighborhood, the area thrived for decades during the late Nineteenth Century. After a period of decline and abandonment and city plans to demolish the entire neighborhood, Lafayette Square has experienced a renaissance, making it one of the best preserved parts of St. Louis, showing off what city residences were once like. Nothing beats a walk through Lafayette Park, one of the oldest public parks in the city. The tour will discuss the famous residents of the neighborhood including the original Mark Twain, Isaiah Sellers, a prominent steamboat captain that Samuel Clemens knew from his days on the river. We will also focus on the architectural styles of the houses, and major historic events, such as the Great Cyclone of 1896.

Tour Length:  approx. 2 hrs.        Miles:   1.5      Difficulty:  Low