Morocco and the Atlas Mountains

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Ok, let’s get serious

Difficulty: difficult

Our journey to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco takes a significant amount of training and mental preparation. You should be ready for:

  • long days,
  • heavy packs,
  • unpredictable weather,
  • difficult land and glacier crossings,
  • lower than normal oxygen levels,
  • an altered diet,
  • limited lodging luxuries (camping)
  • and last but not least, the trek requires solid physical and mental health.

Our guide is an Irish mountaineer who has extensive experience exploring Morocco. He is a believer in being well prepared and will train you on the proper equipment to bring and how to use it, as well as training tips before the trek.

Safety is our top priority, and our professional, seasoned guide is committed to making your trek an enjoyable one.

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Morocco is truly a place that has it all: a kingdom with cities full of distinct culture, and a land with a still-vibrant nomadic presence.

Morocco also happens to border a sea and an ocean, houses some of the world’s largest desert, and is split down the middle by one of the most striking mountain ranges on earth. This makes for an incredibly diverse nation geographically, and gives explorers of all types plenty to get lost in.

Our trek consists of an adventure through the Atlas Mountains and hopefully to the 13,671-foot summit of Morocco’s tallest peak, Mt. Toubkal. Home to a large Berber population and many unique species of plants and animals, this awesome mountain range acts as a ‘border’ between northern Morocco (with a coastline along the Mediterranean) and southern Morocco (which borders the Atlantic). The Sahara dominates southern Morocco, and is truly a sight to behold.

The climb up Toubkal is certainly challenging, but doesn’t require significant mountaineering experience. The views at the top are simply stunning, and the trail up is well-maintained. The always-friendly Berber people pepper the region, and we will have the chance to meet plenty of them.

This is a six-day trek. You are encouraged to plan for extra days to explore the land and communities of Morocco.