Mt. Kilimanjaro- Machame Route

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November 9-14th, 2014
February 2-8th, 2015
June 14-20th, 2015

Price (7-day): $3,550


The Bottom Line

Mt. Kilimanjaro- one of the world’s most striking and grandest mountains, the tallest in Africa at 19,314 feet, and the largest stand-alone mountain on earth. As one of the seven summits (7 highest peaks in the world), the mountain rewards its explorers with amazing views from the roof of Africa. The Kilimanjaro National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the only places on earth where you can experience every ecological zone: tropic, desert, savannah, temperate forests, and sub-alpine and alpine zones. The trek provides also provides an awesome glimpse into the local culture surrounding the mountain.

The Machame Route is a seven-day trek giving you plenty of time to acclimatize, and is a camping-only adventure (just wait until you see all the stars at night). Our equipment is portered and meals are prepared for us. The Machame Route is one of the more challenging up Kilimanjaro, which includes the infamous Barranco Wall, a twisty, somewhat technical, and steep 950-foot climb up the southern face of the mountain. What awaits at the summit is well worth the effort.



Ok, let’s get serious

Difficulty: Very difficult

At 19,314 feet, Kilimanjaro takes an enormous amount of training and mental preparation. Though certainly more accessible than Everest, you should be ready for:
• long days,
• heavy packs,
• technical river and land crossings,
• lower than normal oxygen levels,
• an altered diet,
• limited lodging luxuries,
• and last but not least, the trek requires excellent physical and mental health.

Our guide is an Irish mountaineer who has extensive experience in leading expeditions up Mt. Kilimanjaro. He is a believer in being well prepared and will train you on the proper equipment to bring and how to use it, as well as training tips before the trek. He has an amazing 96% success rate to date.

We can assure you, safety is our top priority and our professional, seasoned guide is committed to making your summit an enjoyable one.

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On your first day, you’ll arrive at the Machame gate- the trailhead for the route. We’ll hike a few hours through beautiful and dense tropical forest, and after stopping for a hot lunch, we’ll exit the forest and ascend into tall grasses. This day is a relatively easy one, so we’ll focus on acclimatizing as we hike to our final elevation at Machame Camp- 9,777 feet.

On day two, be ready for a 6:00 AM wake-up call and a steaming cup of coffee or tea. If we’re lucky, we’ll see the peak of Kilimanjaro! Once going, we’ll cross savannahs and volcanic rock. The Shira Plateau will be the site of our well-earned lunch, and then it’s another three or four hours hike to Shira Camp (12,598ft).

Day three we’ll cross the Bastians stream on our way down to Barranco Camp. The camp lies in a massive canyon (Grand Barranco) filled with gorgeous waterfalls from the Umbwe River. At 15,190 feet, near the Lava Tower, we’ll have lunch before heading to Barranco Camp (12,595ft).

Day four will be a critical acclimatization day, but also a day for relaxation. At the base of the Barranco Wall we can take a walk to Karanga Valley. This day is meant to give you solid time to acclimatize, so kick your feet up and relax! Tonight, we’ll sleep at Karanga Camp (12,795ft).

Day five. Tomorrow is summit day! Day five will take us on a journey through moraine and remote alpine desert to Barafu Camp (14,928ft). We will be going to bed very early today, as we’ll need ample sleep for our summit push tomorrow.

Day six is summit day! You’ve made it this far, so let’s push onward to reach Africa’s highest peak. Today will be a physical and mental challenge as we start climbing around 12:05 AM in temperatures reaching below zero. Flanking Ratzel and Rebman glaciers, we’ll be treated to amazing views as we approach the edge of the summit crater. You’ve made it! You are standing at the peak of one of the most famous and culturally important mountains on earth, enjoy the roof of Africa.

After our time at the summit, we’ll descend back down to Barafu Camp, which will take around three hours. Lunch will be served here before we descend further to Mweka Camp (10,170ft) for the night.

Day seven will be more descending down to Mweka gate where we can sign our names in the register. You will also receive your summit certificate here, then we’ll return to Moshi for much needed showers, food and sleep! We’ll have to celebrate a successful summit before the bed part…