Destination Highlights



Best Time to Travel

The best time to visit Russia is between June and September. However, the hot weather can make Moscow pretty rough. If large crowds aren’t your thing, tourist season ends in September and the weather cools down as well, making a late fall adventure most enjoyable. Delight in St. Petersburg’s beautiful parks as the leaves begin to change. If you prefer cold weather, the winter in Moscow is breathtaking after a blanket of snow covers the city. Spring is also a lovely time to visit, as there are many festivals throughout the western part of Russia welcoming in the warmer weather.



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What’s Included

It’s your vacation and your choice what’s included. Please note that a visa is required in order to visit Russia. We would be more than happy to assist you in this process.

Suggested Itineraries

A visit to Russia is lacking if Moscow is not on your radar. Indulge for a few days in the architecture of the city, the theatre scene, and of course, the history that lives there. Russia is known for its ballet, so a night at the Bolshoi is a must. The Red Square is where you’ll find all the highlights of Moscow. There you’ll find the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the GUM, a former trade center now department store. A visit to the Kremlin gives us a peak into the lavish life of the former czars. The Faberge eggs housed there are simply breathtaking in person. St. Basil’s Cathedral is not only an icon of Moscow, but also quite stunning to see in person. Go for a tour during the day, but then pop back over at night to get some postcard worthy photos.

Smaller cities in the countryside, like Suzdal, are good for those who need a break from the city life. The Russian countryside is stunning, with fields of wildflowers accompanying you on your journey. Enjoy the local favorites, including homemade liquor, and banyas. The Russians will tell you that they invented this sauna, while the Finns say they did. Check them out and you can be the judge!

While in St. Petersburg, visit the Winter Palace and other former royal favorites. Enjoy the influence the past czar’s left on the city, like the first museum created by Peter the Great, while experiencing the newer art galleries and top of the line restaurants. A city tour around St. Petersburg highlights many cathedrals, as well as the Grand Choral Synagogue, the largest synagogue in Russia. The synagogue is stunning, and a very important part of Jewish history in Russia. The Hermitage Museum, started by Catherine the Great in 1764, is one of the largest, and oldest museums in the world. It’s quite massive, but totally worth it as there are many priceless features in these collections. Take a trip out to Catherine’s Palace, the summer palace of the czars. While work is still being done to restore this treasure, it still holds on to its former beauty.

Additional Tours and Extensions
Before you depart Russia, why not take the old wooden Russian train to Helsinki, Finland for a few days? Helsinki is just 3.5 hours away from St. Petersburg and such a delight. The capital of Finland, Helsinki is a cultural hub of museums, shops and a mix of old world and modern architecture. Helsinki is also home to several football (soccer) stadiums. Catch a match in a stadium built when they hosted the Olympics in 1952! If you enjoyed the banya in Russia, see how the ones in Finland compare at one of the many local saunas.