Perhaps one of the best-known historic neighborhoods in St. Louis, Soulard is also one of the oldest.

Founded by French explorers, their influence can be seen in the homes, with Mansard roofs and red brick buildings that line the streets. Much of these homes are from the mid-19th century, and still have not lost their charm. This lovely blend of architecture makes the historic neighborhood pleasing to the eye, as well as to the senses. With the original location of Anheuser-Busch, one of the largest breweries in the world, just down the street, visitors often detect the smell of baking bread, which is actually the yeast fermenting within the brewery. And let’s not forget the Soulard Farmer’s Market, which has provided the city with local produce and goods since 1779!

Tour Length:  approx. 2 hrs.        Miles:   1.5      Difficulty:  Low