Viva La Cuba!

Old cars, fine arts, music and dancing! It was like a blast from the past the moment I stepped on the streets of Cuba. It was an experience like no other that can only be described as walking onto a famous movie scene. The only difference was, this was real life!

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Paris (Fashion Week) is always a good idea!

by Felicia Ruiz- LP Travel Curator

Champagne, Celebs & Shopping! Three words that highlight my 1st trip to Paris for Fashion Week in 2016. One of the most important weeks of the year, Paris Fashion Week draws the who’s who of the industry from editors and models to designers, photographers and socialites. Throughout the duration of our trip, a plethora of fashion addicts can be seen dressed to the nines strolling the streets. Whether attending shows, shopping the newest collections or just trying to get snapped by photographers, there is no shortage of sites to see right on the street.

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A Day Trip to Córdoba

“Traveling for these people isn’t accomplishing a goal or sticking to a schedule; it’s about taking your time, relaxing together, embracing adaptability, and discovering whatever you stumble upon”.

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7 Trips of a Lifetime

We plan a lot of bucket list trips at Limitless Planet.  Here are 7 trips that should be on your list:

1.  The Great Wall of China

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Best Islands for a Winter Escape

Baby, it’s cold outside!  

Go soak in the sun on some of the best islands on earth!

Zanzibar, Tanzania

A strange mix of Indian, Arabic and African culture- Stone Town is a 184 year old city that blends these cultures perfectly.



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Keeping Up with the Parisian Café

In Paris, the café is sacred ground. This is where you go to get your espresso before work, or sit for hours in the late afternoon at a street side table. This is what Hemingway and the rest of the Lost Generation did, as well as many more after them. It’s peaceful for people watching or catching up with friends.

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The Best Islands on the Planet for a Winter Escape



Zanzibar, Tanzania

A strange mix of Indian, Arabic and African culture- Stone Town blends these cultures perfectly.  It was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. The town is walk-able and safe.  The beaches are beautiful, the hotels are first class, and the food is spicy!  Zanzibar is February is calling your name.

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Packing a 2-Week Carry On: A How To Guide

The most annoying thing about traveling is lugging around a bulky suitcase. Not only is it insanely awkward to have to drag it down the street (especially if you’re in Europe where most sidewalks are cobblestone and quite small), but if you pack too much, chances are you won’t ever wear it. Most airlines will tack on a baggage fee if it weighs over a certain amount. No one wants to be the person at the ticket counter trying to fit everything into another bag so you don’t have to pay that fee. My solution? Fit it all into one carry on.

It’s not hard; you just have to be practical about it all. Here is a sample packing list, along with some of my favorite travel staples. All of this can easily fit into a carry on size suitcase, plus a backpack or handbag.

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Water Glamping in Key West and Other Notables

A month ago, we decided we should book a long weekend for Memorial Day.  I learned the hard way that Memorial Day Weekend is not the last weekend in May, but rather the last Monday.  So I booked the wrong weekend, but we were set to go to Key West.

What I learned along the way:

Don’t visit Key West if you are uptight or offended easily.  This is not the destination for you.  Anything goes in Key West, and the locals like it that way.

IMG_2098[1]Do go ‘water glamping’ while you are there!  It’s the newest thing in Key West.  Hotels in Key West are overpriced, and you’re right in the middle of the city.  Rather, rent a sailboat for half the price of a hotel room and sleep soundly on the water!  No sailing experience necessary.  But let’s be clear, this is not a 5 star resort.  It is very much like camping, only you have specific comforts (AC, bed, and basic head).  There is not a shower onboard, but the marina has fantastic, clean showers.  If you are looking for budget accommodation, this is the only way to go.  The marina is outside of the city and quite quiet.  There is also plenty of marine life to keep you occupied as you chill on your sailboat.

Do rent a car (yes, a white convertible mustang), and do the drive down to Key West.  It is very scenic, and the 7 mile bridge is great.

Don’t expect 5 star resorts beyond Key Largo and Key West.  It is all about the little spots.

Do visit the John Pennekamp State Park, the only coral reef National Park.  It is absolutely gorgeous for diving or snorkeling.  I am a diver, but the reef is so shallow, the snorkeling trip is just as good.  The reef is well preserved and protected.  The Coast Guard will ticket you $500 if they see you standing on the reef (this makes me a happy mermaid).  The amount of fish on the reef is amazing; be prepared to see schools of Queen Angels, Butterflyfish, Tangs, Groupers, Grunts, and Parrotfish.  There is life everywhere!  There is also a resident Bull that lives on the reef (yikes!), but we didn’t see it.  It is also worth noting that the Captain nor mate get off the boat.  No matter if you are diving or snorkeling, you are on your own.  Divers, don’t forget your diving compass!  Most of the trips do not provide a dive master, but you can hire one for an additional $70.00.  Admission into the park is $9.00 per person.  The park is open every day of the week.

Don’t take the time to go to Key West beaches.  They not very picturesque.  The Keys do not have sandy beaches like other places in Florida (except the man-made beach at Bahia Honda State Park), so don’t expect that anywhere.  What makes the Key West beaches not worth the price of admission is the amount of seaweed on the beaches and in the water.  It is everywhere.  At least the beaches are free of trash though.  If you are looking for a great beach, definitely go to Bahia State Park (about 30 miles from Key West and just past the 7 mile bridge).


Do spend your days on the water, especially if you are a diver or snorkeler.  The reef stretches from Key Largo to Key West, and it is the 3rd largest reef in the world.  It is about 6 miles out, so you need a boat or tour to get you there.  The most pristine part of the reef is at the Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary.  There is a great little PADI dive center and motel on Ramrod Key, Looe Key Diver Center.  They take trips to the reef every day.  If you’re lucky you may get to see the 8ft hammerhead on the reef.

Don’t pack dress clothes.  You will not need them.  The Keys are laid back, so leave the high heels and neckties at home.

Do eat at Off the Hook Grill in Key West.  It is a great little spot with an eclectic menu and tasteful wine list.  The man ordered the ‘catch of the day’ which was Hogfish wrapped in duck bacon, and I ordered the spicy shrimp & grits topped with pork belly.   In the madness of Key West, a meal here will make you feel like an adult again.

If dessert is your thing, try the Key West pastry shop called ‘Better than Sex’.  Then, you be the judge.

The Key are easy to get to and a quick drive out of Miami.  Although there has been a substantial amount of change and development in the Keys, some things never change.  It is still Key Weird and wonderful!  I love it.

You Don’t Need One More Thing

Western’s, meaning those in the western hemisphere are a strange breed.   We horde all sorts of material items thinking it gives us a better life.   When we all know, you can’t take any of it with you.   Look at things a bit differently, and rather than buy one more plastic item from China…  Go to China!

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